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Actor Headshots

Whatever kind of performer you may be, your headshot needs to portray you in the best possible light, conveying a sense of you are as a person and a professional. At The Really Good Headshot Company of New York we want to work with you to help create the tools to make your first impression memorable, vibrant, and real.

Photography Headshots for Actors in New York City

For actors looking for work in the Big Apple, there is no substitute for having a portfolio of excellent headshots. While today it is easier than ever to create your own high-quality digital photographs, the ability to achieve the right  lighting, composition, and appearance is essential. Ours actor headshots from The Really Good Headshot Company are professionally created in every aspect. You will need an excellent headshot photographer that provides high-quality compositions, prints, and services for your needs.

How our Chelsea Studio Can Help

If you’re an actor in need of building a proper photographic portfolio, then The Really Good Headshot Company is here for you. We are the leading NYC photographer for portraits, headshots, and so much more. Our unique style makes us well-suited to work with actors who need an advantage when establishing themselves in the New York area. We start by listening to you, so that your photos reflect the message you want to send to potential employers. In addition, we add to that our years of experience in helping actors just like you so that you can make the best-informed decisions about what works while avoiding potential pitfalls. Our combination of unique style, affordable pricing, and our experience makes us one of the more popular photographers in Brooklyn and Manhattan.


There are numerous benefits to using our Manhattan studio  as your go-to place for the best in photography starting with our professional photographers. Our services have been used for such wide-ranging jobs as street photography, event photography, and more. However, we have also built our reputation in working with aspiring actors who are new to the New York scene and established actors who want to expand their portfolios.

Easy to Work With

Over the years, we have worked with many actors to help them establish their careers thanks in part to the photographs we take. Because of our experience, this allows for you to make many changes in appearance during the shoot, so you can provide a full-range of characters in your portfolio.

Competitive Pricing

We understand that customers come in all sizes and price ranges. Starting out in the Big Apple as an aspiring actor means your budget is probably limited and we fully understand. That’s why we offer many competitively priced photo packages, so you can get what you need without breaking your budget. We offer superb headshot photography that is tailor-made for your needs while fitting your budget. Over the years, actors, actresses, kids, social media influencers have used us to take their headshots. So, if you are looking for a headshot photographer that has the knowledge, experience, and track record of success, go no further than The Really Good Headshot Company.